• Saraswati Ceremony

    Saraswati Ceremony

    Saraswati feast day is the day of Sciences arrival.

  • Megibung


    Traditionally, Balinese enjoyed eating together off one large plate or banana leaf at ceremonies or during preparation for ceremonies.

  • pendet dance

    Pendet Dance

    Pendet is a traditional dance from Bali, Indonesia, in which offerings are made to purify the temple or theater as a prelude to ceremonies or other dances.

  • Gender Wayang (Balinese Traditional Musical Instrument)

    Gender Wayang is one of Balinese traditional music instrument. Gender wayang possessed different tunings with gamelan in general, that is slendro barrel.

    Bali Zoo Happy at Birth of Dusky Wallaby

    It was indeed heartwarming news for the Bali Zoo management and animal lovers all over the island as they greeted the birth of three rare and endangered species – a Javan, silvery gibbon; a Bali starling and a dusky wallaby, adding to the zoo’s collection of 350 rare and endangered animals.

    “This was the first birth for each of the three rare and endangered animals at Bali Zoo. It is a great occurrence for us and we are very happy and grateful to have them all together,” exclaimed the zoo’s public relations executive, Emma Kristiana Chandra.

    Chandra’s happiness was being shared with a group of journalists invited to the zoo.

    “The baby gibbon was born to a 12-year-old couple named Minul and Koko,” Chandra said joyfully.

    The baby was born on Nov. 17 through a normal delivery and weighs 500 grams. It looked normal and healthy, she said. “We still don’t know whether the baby is a male or a female as its mother is holding the baby tightly to her chest,” added Chandra.

    The birth of a dusky wallaby also brought cheer to the management of Bali Zoo. The wallaby was born on Oct. 6 weighing 400 grams.

    “We took three dusky wallabies from Gembira Loka Zoo in Yogyakarta. One of them was already pregnant when she arrived here, the other already gave birth. So now we have five dusky wallabies and four bush kangaroos,” Chandra stated.

    The dusky wallaby is a marsupial belonging to the Macripodidae family. It is mostly found in the Aru and Kai Islands, Papua province and Papua New Guinea.

    Its natural habitats are subtropical and tropical dry forests, and subtropical or tropical dry lowland grassland. The animal is threatened by massive habitat loss.

    Source : http://www.thebalitimes.com/2012/12/10/bali-zoo-happy-at-birth-of-dusky-wallaby/